Book Review: The Lost Fleet: Relentless by Jack Campbell


We’re just going to jump right into what appears to be the biggest sticking point in this otherwise wonderful story by Mr. Campbell. Throughout the engagement and traveling at appreciable fractions of the speed of light, the author continually reminds the reader of how much relativity must be corrected for the faster a ship travels.

After all of the accumulated time travelling at those speeds, there should be significant age differences between the crew members on the fleet, versus the people left behind in the Alliance home systems. That’s the other effect of the same General Theory of Relativity that Mr. Campbell kept quoting to us.

But even with that, the story development and pace was well-described and smooth. It was an easy read and the romantic interest between Captain Geary and Captain Desjani was never blatant, but was hinted at very sparingly, and enough to let you know there was a spark.

The use of e-mail messages to cause a starship to explode did come across a little bit lame, but fortunately that is only a minor point that can be overlooked in the larger picture that is so well-defined by the author.

We’d rate this as a must read if you enjoy military Science Fiction and is one that we’ll be looking forward to the next installment of.


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The use of long-forgotten war tactics is a very natural use of Geary’s knowledge from ‘his days’ in the old Alliance fleet. And it was good to see that the author acknowledged that the Syndics would respond in some way to the “new” tactics being used by Geary’s fleet during battles.

The descriptions and movements of the ships in the battle sequences was well-planned and moved at a fast enough pace to hold the reader’s attention without going overboard.

The author built up the primary characters in the story well enough to give them their own personality.

The use of references to actions that have occurred in previous books in the series allow the reader to follow the action in this one without causing loss of attention due to a lack of background, basically allowing the novel to stand alone.


The use of an alien race, instigating and promoting the war between the Alliance and the Syndics is one thing. But where are the additional discoveries and reports from captured Syndics about them? It seems that more intelligence should have been discovered by now….

The sabotage of warships by sending messages to them to blow up seems a rather weak point in a good idea. It assumes that someone will open it to read and poof… warship crippled or destroyed. The author does try to make it sound plausible, but it just doesn’t ring true, even given the multiple attempts to persuade the reader that it could happen.

The author continually refers to the General Theory of Relativity in that time passes differently for those moving closer to the speed of light than those moving slower. With that in mind, the author does not, however, make any mention of the age difference from the Alliance world’s population, to the people aboard the Alliance fleet moving at those relativistic speeds, over protracted lengths of time. There should/would be a difference, according to the theory.

Modern home decor for outdoor living

Home design for a patio can be very exciting and fun because there are so many décor styles, and relaxing outside seems to offer more opportunities for enjoyment. Garden or patio furniture can be anything from wood to wrought iron, leather, plastic, and wicker. A patio is a wonderful place to entertain, and fireplaces, loungers, hammocks, bar stools and quaint lighting all contribute towards comfort and enjoyment.

Weather Resistant Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is always carefully designed because most times it is going to stand outdoors all year round. Tables and chairs have to be weather resistant and outdoor umbrellas are designed with auto-tilt features and in different fabrics and colors. Bright canvas awnings in plain or striped colors and patterns can be rolled up and down according to your need for the sun.

Potted trees and shrubs also look gorgeous on a patio and these can be placed on end tables. A swing, rockers, and shelves to hold magazines, sunglasses and ornaments can all contribute to making your outdoor patio relaxing. For some greenery, you can choose from a broad selection of pots in different colors and finishes. Solar powered lights are far more romantic than harsh overhead lights. Made from stainless steel, the lights are easy to install, they are recharged by solar panels under sunlight, but rechargeable batteries are also included.

Wicker, Wood or Wrought Iron Patio Furniture?

  • Wooden garden or patio furniture is always a popular choice, and for something for unusual, you can choose benches and tables made from branches and tree trunks for a truly natural look. Take into account the weather, because if your wooden patio furniture is going to be exposed to a lot of rain and sunshine it may require extra protection. Teak and cedar are excellent types of wood for outdoor furniture. Make sure you choose wooden furniture that is held together with stainless steel screws and sturdy joinery and steer clear of wooden furniture that is glued together.
  • Wrought iron that is powder-coated adds elegance and style. The furniture is produced from mild steel, an alloy of iron and carbon. Today, furniture and decor made from wrought iron are often hand crafted.
  • Wicker furniture is beautiful and natural, made of pieces of wicker and rattan that are braided together. People think that wicker furniture is a type of material, but it is merely the process to create the furniture. Wicker furniture can be made of bamboo or willow and people love it for its tropical look, and for this reason, you find this type of furniture often in homes at the sea.

Patio décor for All Seasons

Good quality outdoor home décor offers you the opportunity to relax outside on a fine day. In countries where the hot sunny weather is the norm, it is worth it to invest in quality furniture and décor accessories to make the most of the sunny weather. As the weather turns chilly, it will be worth it to buy an infrared heater to prolong your time spent on the patio even more.

The Benefits of a Great Staffroom!

The humble staffroom…is yours neglected and run down, could it do with a fresh coat of paint or is it the hive of activity within your school? Does it even matter what the room “looks” like?

Every staffroom has the potential to be great because it’s about the people, the energy, the discussions and the overall feeling that you get when you enter the room.

The staffroom provides a private sanctuary for many teachers and also provides the opportunity to keep the caffeine levels steady throughout the day (often a necessity!). Discussions revolve around many topics and it is not always ALL about the students, however, there is usually a balance of topics between students, programming, behavior management and the personal lives of teachers to name only a few. It is a place for teachers to unwind, grab a special moment or two without the students, even to vent and hide.

Would your school be the same without your staffroom?

In a great staffroom you will hear teachers discussing a new idea they would like to implement, sharing strengths and weaknesses of lessons, rushing about preparing the days lessons, laughing about something amusing that happened in the classroom, sharing the frustrations that can come with managing student behaviour, praising colleagues for a job well done or a great Assembly item…the list goes on, but one thing is for sure…you know it when you see it and you can feel it when you are in it!

When you feel like part of the team within a school and your staffroom is somewhere you want to be before and after school and during your breaks, your overall outlook each and every day has the potential to be filled with promise, happiness and great teaching and learning experiences!

What do you currently do to add to the fantastic atmosphere in your staffroom?

How can you help improve the staffroom experience for you and your colleagues?


Nursing Scholarships

Do you want to become a nurse but you don’t have enough funds for your education? If you want to make your mark in the world of medicine then you have to complete your education from some of the best colleges and universities in your country. Hence, you need a good family income support to ensure that you pay all your college and hostel fees to keep your education going on without any problems. However, there are many other students who would desire to make their mark in the world of medicine but they are never able to do that because they don’t have the right kind of financial support that would help them to complete their studies and courses from reputed colleges.

To provide equal chances to the best students many governments have now come up with various schemes and scholarship plans where they provide nursing scholarships to students who want to be a nurse in the future. To complete the nursing course, these students need to take admission in the best medical college where they can get the best training and education on what duties they will have to perform as a nurse and what they should be doing to save the life of a patient in a critical situation.

However, getting educated in one of the best medical colleges can burn a hole in your wallet and hence you can make use of these nursing scholarships where you can get your fees paid by the government so that you can complete your medical education and several other nursing courses that are required for you to become a registered nurse. These nursing scholarships are usually provided by various medical organizations and companies that encourage more people to enter the world of medicine and provide with the best services in the country.

Some nursing scholarships also provide extra funds which students can use for paying their hostel fees and other miscellaneous expenses like getting instruments and uniform. Since all medical students need to stay in a hostel they will need to spend additionally on all their daily requirements like journals, books and some instruments that they always need to keep with them. However, most nursing scholarships are provided to students who have scored brilliantly in science and other subjects related to medicine. These scholarships are further also provided on basis of need and the class from which the student is.

Certain organizations that work for the betterment of certain religion provide nursing scholarships to students from their religion because they only provide scholarships to particular students. On the other hand, some institutions provide nursing scholarships to students who are unable to gather high amount of fees that will be required in future while completing the nursing course. Nursing scholarships are considered as the best way to supplement your education because you never have to repay scholarship amount. Hence, nursing scholarships are considered to be a better option rather than going for medical educational loans that you will have to repay at a later stage.

Tips for Creating Useful Manuals 

As you go about your daily work, you might be required to provide clients with documents that will provide them with a guide on how to do something or accomplish a task they are probably not familiar with. This is where your manual writing skills will come into play.

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Writing skills of any kind are important. Therefore, as you go about crafting a manual, you must remember all the rules pertaining to good writing. By writing effectively, you will have an easier time dealing with clients who have no patience for bad writing in manuals.

Manuals, you also need to remember, are important. Of course, the product that the manual accompanies need to be well-designed for the manual to work. By first working at providing a well constructed and conceived product, you won’t have to pour your heart into writing a manual. Rather, the manual will be short, easy to understand, and relatively simply to follow.

That said, here are a couple of tips for creating useful manuals:

1. Create a Grand First Impression

Most people never actually look at a manual. Instead, they simply toss it aside because they assume it is too difficult to follow. Whenever this happens, the writing team, the product, and the user all suffer in one way or another.

To ensure that this does not transpire, therefore, you need to write a useful manual – one with the ability to create a positive and strong first impression.

Use the guidelines below to do exactly that:

  • Avoid making your manual look like a text book
  •  Effectively and purposefully use colour
  •  Ensure the manual is light in weight
  •  Include help-line numbers
  •  Provide tonnes of white space
  •  Use a clean, readable font
  •  Use diagrams and pictures for illustration
  •  Use landscape formatting
  •  Use paper that is on par with the overall quality of your product

2. Think like a Novice

While preparing a manual, you probably know the processes inside and out. This means that you will assume that your reader has the same level of knowledge. To ensure this does not hinder the usefulness of the manual you write, think like a newbie in the business.

This means that you should step back, look at the subject from new angles, and assume you know nothing about the topic/product you are creating a manual for. By so doing, you will be able to come up with more actionable manuals.

3. Understand the Objective

Know the exact reason behind the manual. This way, you will be better placed to understand what is required and what should be covered in the manual. This tip is useful because it will help you avoid confusion and overload, which is the direct result of adding too many details to a manual.

4. Create an Outline

Before you jump right into the steps for the manual, first take a step back and come up with a clear outline of everything that will be covered in the document. This outline should, for instance, include all main sections and subsections.

By creating an outline, you will be better placed to ensure that the process you adopt in your writing makes sense. In the same way, every section in the manual will end up being structured more consistently.


All in all, keep in mind that you want your manual to be useful, easy to understand, and properly formatted. As long as you work all of these into your writing, you are always going to end up with amazing manuals.

Batman in Various Stories

What’s it all about?

For some odd reason, at this point in Batman (the magazine) history, every five months, DC would release a “Giant” issue – 64 pages for only a quarter!

Sounds great when you put it that way; however, these giant issues never contained any new material by the current creative team. No, instead of another ground-breaking tale by O’Neil and Adams, you would get a bunch of Golden Age reprints, all connected by some sort of theme. The theme for this particular issue was “Stories featuring Batman’s secret identity, Bruce Wayne!”

For one single quarter, the faithful fan could read (or re-read depending on your age):

The Death Cheaters of Gotham: Men who have been declared legally dead and then revived form a private club, because beyond that they have so much in common. Now someone is killing them off, permanently, one by one. Under the delusion that the only way to catch the killer is to actually join the club, Bruce Wayne swallows poison and dies, counting on Dick Grayson and a visiting physician to resuscitate him.

The Other Bruce Wayne: The man for whom Bruce Wayne was named, his cousin Bruce Wayne, visits Gotham and stays at Wayne Manor. As fate would have it, Bruce is a world-famous detective who begins to suspect that there is more to Bruce than meets the eye! Bruce must work the same case as Bruce without letting Bruce stumble upon proof that he, Bruce, is truly the Dark Knight Detective. What will Bruce do????

The Murder of Bruce Wayne: The members of the International Chemical Company Board of Trustees are being murdered by an insane ex-member. One-by-one, Batman fails to save them until only one last member remains: Bruce Wayne!

What’s this? Commissioner Gordon threatening to suspend Batman?? Ah Commish – look how crestfallen the big lug looks as you are reprimanding him. Can’t you give him just one more chance??

Bruce Wayne’s Aunt Agatha: Bruce’s elderly Aunt visits Wayne Manor and in almost no time does what the visiting world-famous detective Bruce Wayne couldn’t do: discovers Bruce and Dick in their Batman and Robin costumes! Luckily, she is far too feeble-minded to truly understand the implications of what she is seeing, and through some of comicdom’s most ridiculous twists and turns, she ends up disguised as the Joker, rescuing Batman and Robin from certain death at the hands of organized crime. At no point does she even suspect that Bruce truly is Batman! Ridiculous!

The Crime of Bruce Wayne: I can barely keep this up after suffering through that last one. In a nutshell, Commissioner Gordon asks private citizen Bruce Wayne to go undercover in Gotham prison for him and without hesitation, the millionaire accepts. He is convicted of being the masked criminal The Collector and sent to jail, where the other inmates frame him for murder. The wheels of justice spin quickly and in a few day’s time, Bruce is on Death Row awaiting execution. He pleads with the Warden to check with the Commissioner to verify his story, but unfortunately Gordon has spent the last few days in a coma following a nasty car crash. Because of this, Robin teams up with Batwoman to prove Bruce’s innocence. Everything is wrapped up neatly by the end, except for the fate of the poor Commish. No mention is ever made of his condition, but it doesn’t matter because our hero is out of jail! Go Bruce!!

What does Brian think?

Here’s the thing: I have nothing against the Golden Age. I love many of those old comics, in particular All-Star Comics and Plastic Man. These Batman stories, in and of themselves, contain a lot of charm and entertainment value, and I would never say that I dislike them.

However, to publish them in 1971, between the first Ra’s al Ghul appearance and September’s O’Neil/Adams Two-Face story (still a classic today), is just ridiculous. DC was on such a roll at the time modernizing the character that this book is woefully out of place. If these books came out simply because the regular team worked too slowly to provide material on a strict monthly basis, they would have been better served publishing a fill-in issue written by one of the newly hired young writers like Mike Friedrich.

There is a time and place for everything, and August 1971 was neither for this!

Under the spotlight

I’ve worked with fraternities across the country for the past five years and have literally reviewed over a thousand chapter websites. When I came across the website that Miraj designed I instantly thought it was the BEST site I had ever seen. He did an unbelievable job with the design, wording and overall feel of the site, which accomplishes exactly what it should. I gladly refer any chapters to him for design work and am a huge fan of the great work he is doing!

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We have have been working with Miraj since opening our business in 2011, and he never fails to impress us. Not only has he made us a website, but also developed our brand. He designed a beautiful logo, and a complete printed set including business cards and brochures, as well as SEO work. We had little knowledge about how maintaining a website can help us, Miraj has always been very educating and I recommend his services to any business that wants to stand out from the competition.

Livia Stancu, Dentist at Castor Dental Care

Design is my passion, my life.

Hello, I’m Miraj Patel and I’m a UI/UX Designer and a Frontend Developer. I utilize my skills to give form to ideas that shape our world, enrich everyday experiences, and improve our lives. Aside from work, I enjoy traveling, watching sports and good music.

I have a very particular set of skills:

My passion for creativity drives me to continue learning and expanding my skillset to adapt to the changing world of design and technology.


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