The Benefits of a Great Staffroom!

The humble staffroom…is yours neglected and run down, could it do with a fresh coat of paint or is it the hive of activity within your school? Does it even matter what the room “looks” like?

Every staffroom has the potential to be great because it’s about the people, the energy, the discussions and the overall feeling that you get when you enter the room.

The staffroom provides a private sanctuary for many teachers and also provides the opportunity to keep the caffeine levels steady throughout the day (often a necessity!). Discussions revolve around many topics and it is not always ALL about the students, however, there is usually a balance of topics between students, programming, behavior management and the personal lives of teachers to name only a few. It is a place for teachers to unwind, grab a special moment or two without the students, even to vent and hide.

Would your school be the same without your staffroom?

In a great staffroom you will hear teachers discussing a new idea they would like to implement, sharing strengths and weaknesses of lessons, rushing about preparing the days lessons, laughing about something amusing that happened in the classroom, sharing the frustrations that can come with managing student behaviour, praising colleagues for a job well done or a great Assembly item…the list goes on, but one thing is for sure…you know it when you see it and you can feel it when you are in it!

When you feel like part of the team within a school and your staffroom is somewhere you want to be before and after school and during your breaks, your overall outlook each and every day has the potential to be filled with promise, happiness and great teaching and learning experiences!

What do you currently do to add to the fantastic atmosphere in your staffroom?

How can you help improve the staffroom experience for you and your colleagues?


Nursing Scholarships

Do you want to become a nurse but you don’t have enough funds for your education? If you want to make your mark in the world of medicine then you have to complete your education from some of the best colleges and universities in your country. Hence, you need a good family income support to ensure that you pay all your college and hostel fees to keep your education going on without any problems. However, there are many other students who would desire to make their mark in the world of medicine but they are never able to do that because they don’t have the right kind of financial support that would help them to complete their studies and courses from reputed colleges.

To provide equal chances to the best students many governments have now come up with various schemes and scholarship plans where they provide nursing scholarships to students who want to be a nurse in the future. To complete the nursing course, these students need to take admission in the best medical college where they can get the best training and education on what duties they will have to perform as a nurse and what they should be doing to save the life of a patient in a critical situation.

However, getting educated in one of the best medical colleges can burn a hole in your wallet and hence you can make use of these nursing scholarships where you can get your fees paid by the government so that you can complete your medical education and several other nursing courses that are required for you to become a registered nurse. These nursing scholarships are usually provided by various medical organizations and companies that encourage more people to enter the world of medicine and provide with the best services in the country.

Some nursing scholarships also provide extra funds which students can use for paying their hostel fees and other miscellaneous expenses like getting instruments and uniform. Since all medical students need to stay in a hostel they will need to spend additionally on all their daily requirements like journals, books and some instruments that they always need to keep with them. However, most nursing scholarships are provided to students who have scored brilliantly in science and other subjects related to medicine. These scholarships are further also provided on basis of need and the class from which the student is.

Certain organizations that work for the betterment of certain religion provide nursing scholarships to students from their religion because they only provide scholarships to particular students. On the other hand, some institutions provide nursing scholarships to students who are unable to gather high amount of fees that will be required in future while completing the nursing course. Nursing scholarships are considered as the best way to supplement your education because you never have to repay scholarship amount. Hence, nursing scholarships are considered to be a better option rather than going for medical educational loans that you will have to repay at a later stage.

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