The Benefits of a Great Staffroom!

The humble staffroom…is yours neglected and run down, could it do with a fresh coat of paint or is it the hive of activity within your school? Does it even matter what the room “looks” like?

Every staffroom has the potential to be great because it’s about the people, the energy, the discussions and the overall feeling that you get when you enter the room.

The staffroom provides a private sanctuary for many teachers and also provides the opportunity to keep the caffeine levels steady throughout the day (often a necessity!). Discussions revolve around many topics and it is not always ALL about the students, however, there is usually a balance of topics between students, programming, behavior management and the personal lives of teachers to name only a few. It is a place for teachers to unwind, grab a special moment or two without the students, even to vent and hide.

Would your school be the same without your staffroom?

In a great staffroom you will hear teachers discussing a new idea they would like to implement, sharing strengths and weaknesses of lessons, rushing about preparing the days lessons, laughing about something amusing that happened in the classroom, sharing the frustrations that can come with managing student behaviour, praising colleagues for a job well done or a great Assembly item…the list goes on, but one thing is for sure…you know it when you see it and you can feel it when you are in it!

When you feel like part of the team within a school and your staffroom is somewhere you want to be before and after school and during your breaks, your overall outlook each and every day has the potential to be filled with promise, happiness and great teaching and learning experiences!

What do you currently do to add to the fantastic atmosphere in your staffroom?

How can you help improve the staffroom experience for you and your colleagues?